The EaP Minorities Network Launches in Georgia

Minority Rights Group Europe Director, Neil Clarke, and members of minority organizations attend the formation of the Eastern Partnership Minority Network.

What better way to kick-start the EaP Minorities Network than a minority empowerment training session in beautiful Georgia during spring? The EaP Minorities Network invited 12 participants from three partner organizations to the Lopota, Georgia for a crash course in EaP politics, structure, and methods for advocacy. On the second day, participants met at the Ambassador Hotel for a best practice seminar to interact with like-minded colleagues, craft strategy for EaP policy development, and absorbed methods for interacting with the EaP that could be easily replicated for future trainings. By the end of the conference, a survey revealed most participants felt their knowledge of the EaP had increased significantly, and many participants had already planned future conferences and workshop to train other local minority groups.

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