UPR Info Session an EaPMN advocacy work

Eastern Partnership Minorities Network supports minority activists from the EaP region to undertake effective advocacy to increase awareness of the challenges they face as minorities often lack these capacities. To address these needs, minorities representing national, ethnic and religious communities from Georgia will be undertaking advocacy visit in Geneva on October 5-6, 2015. Four minority activists from Georgia will attend the UN UPR Info session in Geneva on 6th of October, as well as meet with the country delegates and officials from the UN in Geneva. There will be several key issues advocated and the relevant recommendations based on the alternative reports presented during the advocacy visit. There are several key issues which the delegates will address such as: freedom of religion and belief; rights of deported persons; smaller and unrepresented minorities’ situation in Georgia.

“It is very important for my community representatives, that I as a member of this community will be undertaking an initiative and meeting with the country delegates and UN representatives working on the rights of religious minorities. I believe it would contribute to the development of tolerant environment in our country, where religious minorities are facing numerous problems and discrimination, often leading to the inaction of the national authorities to adequately react and address these challenges” says a representative of a religious minority in Georgia.

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