Hate Speech and Xenophobia in Georgia

A monitoring report which aimed to identify sources of hate speech, xenophobia, homophobia, gender discrimination and stereotyping, and anti-Western attitudes in media and public domain in Georgia. This study covers the period of one year (17 February 2014 –18 February 2015) and it exposes hate speech and discrimination on various grounds. The monitoring report represents a set of three editions: the first edition combines expressions of hate speech and xenophobia. For its part, the section on xenophobia is divided into subsections on a) various ethnic and national groups; b) Turkophobia/Islamophobia; c) Armenophobia; and d) religious discrimination. The second edition covers homophobic, discriminatory and stereotyped approaches to gender identity. The third edition reflects ant-Western attitudes.


Publisher / organisation: Media Development Foundation

Total number of pages: 82

Language: english

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