Human Rights in Eastern Partnership Countries

This paper gives an account of the state of human rights and democratic institutions in the EaP countries and discusses the EU concepts and tools for human rights and democracy promotion in the region, including the proposals related to the May 2011 ENP Communication (ENPI Civil Society Facility, European Endowment for Democracy, etc.), as well as the role of the Euronest. It concludes the EaP region has not been presenting a bright picture over the last couple of years; with some exceptions, the human rights records have deteriorated and the democratic development have been backsliding. It suggests possible ways how the European Parliament could make a better use of the existing and emerging EU tools to promote human rights and democratization of the EaP countries.



Directorate General for External Policies of the Union, Directorate B, Policy Department

Date of publication: 07/01/2011

Total number of pages: 32

Language: english

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