Implementation of the European Neighbourhood Policy Statistical Annex

The progress report Statistical annex provide information about the EaP countries indicators regarding democracy, human rights and governance. The publication release an updated list of countries ratification of selected human rights conventions and global indicators as Transparency International Corruption Perception Index (2012-2013), Freedom House: Freedom in the World Index, Gender Inequality Index (2013), Global Gender Gap Index 2010-2013, UNDP Human Development Index (2012), Global Peace Index Ranking (2012-2013). It also provide macroeconomic index GDP growth, unemployment or trade balance for all EaP countries. The ranking of the European Integration Index for Eastern Partnership countries of the Open Societies Foundations / Renaissance Foundation is published in this document.The final section provide statistic about EU financial support to Partners as Commitments amounts under ENPI,  Cross Border Cooperation allocations or Fiches covering EU financial support by partner (2007 – 2013).


Publisher / organisation: European Commission

Date of publication: 03/24/2014

Total number of pages: 98

Language: english

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