Anzhelika Bielova on anti-Roma hate speech in Ukraine

“Online, it only takes few hate statements, repeated and shared many times, to cause significant harm and lead to real-life crimes.” [Anzhelika Bielova]   Listen to Anzhelika Bielova’s elaboration on the impact of hate speech against Roma in Ukraine, where even politicians include discrimination in their public speeches. Thank you Anzhelika for your enthusiasm and […]

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Assessment document on the Implementation of the National Concept on Tolerance and Civic Integration and Action Plan for 2009-2014

The National Concept for Tolerance and Civic Integration is based on the Constitution of Georgia, as well as Georgia’s international responsibilities. In order to assure a broad public consensus, all interested parties were given the opportunity to participate in the process of developing the Tolerance and National Integration Strategy and Action Plan. The document was […]

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Institutions of Georgia for Governance on National Minorities: An Overview

This paper aims to discuss the institutional set-up around civil integration and minority protection issues in Georgia since the ‘Rose Revolution’, and the study reviews the state structures relevant for governance and legislative practices on civil integration and minority issues. It seeks to provide an overview of the institutional problems that beset civic integration by […]

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Georgia as an Ethnic Democracy: a Study on the Azerbaijani and Armenian Minorities under Mikheil Saakashvili

This dissertation argues that the relationship between the core Georgian majority and the Armenian and Azerbaijani minorities can be conceptualised through Sammy Smooha’s model of ethnic democracy. Scholars have largelyignored instances where a state has not established a power‐sharing agreement with the minority, yet conflict has not occurred. This dissertation will show that despite formal […]

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No Borders Project / Social Action Centre

SAC/No Borders Project (Ukraine) provides legal assistance for refugees/asylum seekers & victims of hate crime & discrimination. It has strategic litigation experience at national/European level, & is a leading member of the Ukrainian national coalition on anti-discrimination.  As well as implementing Ukraine activities, SAC will provide competencies in working with non-traditional and visible minorities.

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A photo of Armen Grigoryan

EaPMN at the OSCE ODIHR Human dimension implementation meeting

An implementing partner of the EaPMN in Armenia, Analytical Centre on Globalization and Regional Cooperation, represented by Armen Grigoryan, has been presented at the OSCE ODIHR Human Dimension Implementation Meeting in Warsaw, Poland. Mr Grigoryan made a statement regarding the situation of the national minorities in Armenia, and stressed the importance of the adoption of […]

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European funds for Roma health integration

On 16 March 2015 the representative of the International Roma Women Fund “Chiricli” and the National Focal Point in Ukraine of “ROMED” program, Zola Kondur participated in a Hearing “European funds for Roma health integration”. The participation of Ms. Zola Kondur in the hearing was possible due to support of MRG Europe. The event took […]

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Best Practice Seminar on IDPs and minority rights issues

The Eastern Partnership Minorities Network, in cooperation with Civil Society Forum, and its national implementing partner in Ukraine, Social Action Centre/No Borders Project will be hosting the Best Practice Seminar on 23 of March, 2015 in Kyiv, Ukraine. The seminar will address the issues of the IDPs in Ukraine, challenges faced by the government and CSOs. […]

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