Anzhelika Bielova on anti-Roma hate speech in Ukraine

“Online, it only takes few hate statements, repeated and shared many times, to cause significant harm and lead to real-life crimes.” [Anzhelika Bielova]   Listen to Anzhelika Bielova’s elaboration on the impact of hate speech against Roma in Ukraine, where even politicians include discrimination in their public speeches. Thank you Anzhelika for your enthusiasm and […]

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Georgia in Transition

The Introduction of the report gives brief summaries of the main concerns and reflections  of the EU Special Adviser on Constitutional and Legal Reform and Human Rights in Georgia. The body of the report goes deeper into seven key areas in relation to human rights: judiciary, penitentiary, law enforcement, minority rights, political participation, freedom of […]

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Minority-Language Related Broadcasting and Legislation in the OSCE

This study reports on the basic regulations of minority-language related broadcasting of the 55 participating States of the OSCE. Specifically, the study surveys State practice with regard to: (1) whether there are any stipulated quotas on the use of language as a vehicle of broadcasting (both for publicly- and privately-owned and run broadcasters); and (2) […]

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Media Neighbourhood: Online handbook for journalists

The online handbook aimed at supporting journalists to report accurately and impartially about the European Union and the European Neighbourhood Policy. It provides introduction to the European Union structure and institutions as well as tips to report on the EU and links to sources of information. Journalists from ENP countries share their learning and ideas how to report […]

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Democratic and Public Initiatives Simferopol City Public Organization

The organisation support the development of civic media and civic journalism and  raise awareness about  professional journalistic standards, human rights, minority rights and freedom of speech.

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