Tolerance for diversity – “Non discrimination, advocacy and national cultures development”

Kyiv based NGO “Tolerspace” works with young minorities community leaders, teenagers and kids of various backgrounds. The NGO annually conducts kids and teenagers camps, where they gather children of several ethnic and religious backgrounds to ruin stereotypes about each other and build bridges instead.

The campaign conducted by Kyiv-based “Tolerspace” aimed to increase advocative capacities of local communities through education of young communities’ leaders. 20 young people from jewish, crimean tatar, romanian, roma and other communities were trained in advocacy training, and then were invited as experts  and trainers to the international youngsters’ camp and tolerance club activities in Kyiv and Khmelnitsky cities. The project also produced 500 complects of stickers promoting diversity, which were spread in schools and other institutions. 15 local authorities representatives attended campaign events and actively participated. The campaign was highlighted by local media, including local TV and online-media channels.


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