Azerbaijan: A model of peaceful co-existence of Islam and minority religions

Two programmes were dedicated to Azerbaijan in the European Parliament in November 2013. This press release explains the outcomes of these programmes. Amongst other activitites, there was a conference hosted by Vice-President László Surján, whereby the Human Rights Without Frontiers international organisation launched its report on Non-Muslim Minorities in Azerbaijan  as two programmes have been organised in connection with the country. Later on that day, Latvian EPP Group MEP Inese Vaidere opened an exhibition on religious tolerance in Azerbaijan. Both events were attended by Elshad Iskandarov, Minister of Religious Affairs in Azerbaijan. The main message of these events was that this country which is massively populated by Muslims shows a good model of secularism and the culture of tolerance gives us a role model on how to accommodate minority denominations in a majority Islamic country.


Author: MEP László Surján and Inese Vaidere

Date of publication: 11/13/2013

Language: english

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