Implementation of the European Neighbourhood Policy Statistical Annex

The progress report Statistical annex provide information about the EaP countries indicators regarding democracy, human rights and governance. The publication release an updated list of countries ratification of selected human rights conventions and global indicators as Transparency International Corruption Perception Index (2012-2013), Freedom House: Freedom in the World Index, Gender Inequality Index (2013), Global Gender […]

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Study on Social Protection and Social Inclusion in Moldova

The report highlights the most important developments and features of the social protection and healthcare systems in Moldova, particularly analysing the impact of public policies on vulnerable and marginalised groups of the population.

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“Win–win situation” Pilot Project implemented in Transnistria capacitates youth in gaining basic skills and working experience, facilitating cooperation among civil society and state institutions

Pilot Project “Win–win situation” was implemented by the society of the Bulgarian culture, community organization “Rodolubets” based in Transnitrian region, Republic of Moldova. The idea of the project is in line with the mission of the organization and its main objectives to consolidate and coordinate activities of the Bulgarian community from one side and local […]

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