“Win–win situation” Pilot Project implemented in Transnistria capacitates youth in gaining basic skills and working experience, facilitating cooperation among civil society and state institutions

Pilot Project “Win–win situation” was implemented by the society of the Bulgarian culture, community organization “Rodolubets” based in Transnitrian region, Republic of Moldova. The idea of the project is in line with the mission of the organization and its main objectives to consolidate and coordinate activities of the Bulgarian community from one side and local authorities form the other side in addressing and overcoming socio-economic problems of the community, as well as of entire region.

The main objective of the pilot project targeted to equip about 20 youth representatives with basic skills and practical experience through the subsidized employment and united coordination. The project also aimed at strengthening the local institutions, NGOs, private companies and entire community to work jointly in resolving issues related to youth outflow from the community and unemployment in general. At the same time, the project helped to improve the infrastructure in the community of Parkany of the Transnistrian region. In the long run the project envisages promoting the establishment of sustainable cooperation between the local authorities and minority communities with the special focus to finding solutions on such priority issues as socio-economic well being of the community. Project also contributes to demonstrate the capabilities of youth in inquiring professional development. Through the popularization of the needs and abilities of young people, the project facilitated provision of equal opportunities to minority communities, bringing them to the social and economic life of the community to overcome isolation.

Building of the spacious pavilion structure center in the village Parkani united 20 young volunteers, representing communities of different national minorities from all over the region. Local municipality, as well as three private companies had contributed into the building of the pavilion. Partnership agreements had been signed as a result of the joint action between community center, authorities and the private businesses to develop further the cooperation of the parties in fighting against unemployment among youth.

The project has been closed down at the final round table discussion, dedicated to discussions of the Pilot Project results with the participation of representatives of local authorities and local media to assist broad dissemination of the information over the joint results reached in the framework of the Eastern Partnership Minorities Network.

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