Cover of the Minority Rights Advocacy in the EU

Minority Rights Advocacy in the EU: A guide to NGOs in Eastern Partnership Countries

Over recent years, the European Union (EU) has become the most influential player in the Eastern Partnership countries (EaP). It is both a prominent development actor and a relevant political force in the region. For EaP countries’ minorities this is a particularly hopeful process; with some EaP countries successfully signing Association Agreements with the EU, […]

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Ukraine’s National Minorities Trapped by the War: the Cases of Ethnic Greeks and Bulgarians

A grim humanitarian catastrophe is unfolding in Ukraine’s south-east due to President Putin’s decision to invade sovereign Ukraine. The consequences of the invasion have been devastating, with widespread destruction, displacement, and loss of life. Particularly affected are Mariupol and its ethnic Greek population, trapped under siege, and Ukrainian Bulgarians who have mobilized to support refugees. […]

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Ukraine’s National Minorities Trapped by the War: The Cases of Ethnic Romanians and Hungarians

The war in Ukraine has displaced civil society activists from various regions to western Ukraine, making it a hub of civil society activism. Ethnic Romanians and Hungarians have played significant roles in supporting refugees and advocating for human rights. The war has highlighted the need for more inclusive minority politics and presents an opportunity for […]

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They have never caused any war 

In Ukraine, Roma communities face aggression, limited access to education, and lack of documentation, leading to statelessness and exclusion from society. During the conflict with Russia, Ukrainian Roma refugees faced further discrimination and marginalization in European countries. To combat discrimination, fostering integration and systemic change based on shared values is essential, as the Roma saying […]

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Roma solidarity: one year later

On the one-year anniversary of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, this publication highlights the efforts of Roma activists who have been assisting Ukrainian Roma throughout the conflict. They have been working tirelessly to support those affected by the war, providing aid, shelter, and solidarity to those displaced and facing discrimination, demonstrating the strength and […]

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National minorities in Armenia: prevailing climate of tolerance, but freedom of expression must be protected, early and forced marriages prevented, education improved

Armenia’s society is generally tolerant, but there are concerns about promoting national minorities’ rights and identities. Legislative progress is limited, and freedom of expression is restricted. Urgent action is needed to address Yezidi girls’ issues with early marriages and high school drop-out rates. The Advisory Committee urges the collection of data on gender-based violence and […]

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Georgia: Access to water is closely interconnected with the rights of national minorities

Water scarcity and discriminatory water-governance policies in Georgia’s Kvemo Kartli region have led to severe socio-economic challenges for national minorities, particularly the ethnic Azerbaijani community. The region’s reliance on agriculture and lack of access to safe drinking and irrigation water have caused food insecurity and forced migration. Human rights activists are urging for a human […]

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Indigenous Peoples and National Minorities in the Temporarily Occupied Territories of Ukraine

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has had a profound impact on national minorities in various regions. It highlights specific cases of persecution and violence, such as against Crimean Tatars in Kherson Oblast and Azov Greeks in Donetsk Oblast. There is an urgent need for access to these areas by international organizations and the importance of de-occupying […]

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Yazidi bleeding hearts: The fragility of Armenia’s largest ethnic minority

Yazidi community in Armenia reflects on its cultural heritage and challenges. Originally from Iraq, they migrated to Armenia, preserving their ancient religion and culture. However, the community faces declining traditions due to emigration, high unemployment, and poverty. Efforts to preserve their unique identity are crucial amidst Armenia’s social and political struggles. Read the full report […]

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Roma From Ukraine: A Year of War and Flight

Over the past year since the commencement of the war, the situation for Ukrainian Roma, who already faced significant challenges during peacetime, has escalated into a catastrophe. The Russian invasion disrupted Ukraine’s fledgling support system for the Roma community, as state and private charitable foundations shifted their focus to address wartime needs. Consequently, thousands of […]

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The Year of War: Reporting on the Situation of Minorities and Migrants

Over the past year, ADC Memorial monitored rights violations against vulnerable groups in war-torn regions. Putin’s regime’s aggression in Ukraine exacerbated hardships for pre-war marginalized communities. The war enabled the curtailment of legal institutions under the guise of protecting the state, while dissenters faced increased repression. To appease public discontent, authorities used right-wing populism, affecting […]

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