Cover of the Minority Rights Advocacy in the EU

Minority Rights Advocacy in the EU: A guide to NGOs in Eastern Partnership Countries

Over recent years, the European Union (EU) has become the most influential player in the Eastern Partnership countries (EaP). It is both a prominent development actor and a relevant political force in the region. For EaP countries’ minorities this is a particularly hopeful process; with some EaP countries successfully signing Association Agreements with the EU, […]

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Partner Report: Covid-19 Response Action for Roma in Ukraine

Members of Roma communities in Ukraine faced have been facing limited access to healthcare services, restricted access of education, stigmatisation and undermined economic stability. Poor housing conditions and limited access to running water and sanitation services have made it nearly impossible to follow quarantine and social distancing measures. Roma have been hit hard across the […]

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Call for joint project proposals: Dialogue and cooperation among civil society groups in human rights and conflict resolution

This call is part of ODIHR’s project “Advancing the Human Dimension of Security in Ukraine”. One of the objectives of the project is to further strengthen cooperation on human rights, conflict resolution and dialogue among civil society groups. This includes sharing best practices from the different countries represented and elaborating a common vision for the […]

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Short Documentary “To Be Equal: Untold Stories”

A new documentary with network partners was released in the beginning of 2021. The project is based on the stories of four Roma women fighting for their equality. These women live in Ukrainian cities and regularly face discrimination based on ethnicity and gender in their lives. This is a vicious circle from which it is […]

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“Win–win situation” Pilot Project implemented in Transnistria capacitates youth in gaining basic skills and working experience, facilitating cooperation among civil society and state institutions

Pilot Project “Win–win situation” was implemented by the society of the Bulgarian culture, community organization “Rodolubets” based in Transnitrian region, Republic of Moldova. The idea of the project is in line with the mission of the organization and its main objectives to consolidate and coordinate activities of the Bulgarian community from one side and local […]

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Photo of Ida Smyrnitska, crane machinist

Advocacy through education and empowerment – that was the Charity Foundation “Progress” strategy for roma rights advocacy campaign in Zakarpatska region

The campaign focused on empowering local Roma community through education and motivation. 15 young motivated Roma leaders actively participated in 3 advocacy trainings that resulted with specific outcomes – 3 micro advocacy campaigns plans. The young leaders as well as other communities members trained their skills while flash-mob on September 5th. The event aimed to […]

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145 Roma activists took part in “Strengthening cooperation of Roma community and regional authorities” advocacy campaign in Poltava region

The campaign aimed to build bridges between Roma community and decision makers in order to promote Roma rights. The goal was achieved through meetings with local authorities where major problems of Roma people in the region were discussed. 240 Roma received brochures with major local state agencies contacts. Roma community started dialogue with specific departments of […]

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Georgian minorities advocacy visit in Brussels

During 9-12 March 2016, MRG Europe and the Eastern Partnership Minorities Network have organized Advocacy Visit to Brussels. A team of Armenian, Azerbaijani and Roma community representatives of Georgia have held meetings with officials from European External Action Service (EEAS), DG for Neighborhood and Enlargement Negotiations, DG for International Cooperation and Development as well as […]

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Building bridges between minorities for stronger advocacy

The Kremenchug based NGO “Cultural Dialogue” works for tolerance and diversity promotion in the region. The campaign within EaPMN project conducted by “Cultural Dialogue” aimed to increase cooperation between various minorities and public in the region in order to strengthen tolerance and counter prejudices against minorities. 264 people took part in project activities. The campaign […]

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Ukrainian and Jewish community of Moldova implement joint campaign

Project entitled “EU pro-active” has been implemented by Association of the Ukrainian Youth in Moldova “Zlagoda” in partnership with the Jewish Community of Moldova. Their join initiative aimed promotion of the EU values and information delivery about the EaP as well as the EaP minority network to the broader audience. One of the main elements […]

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Expanding Network? Concluding conference of the EaPMN

On 7th and 8th of December 2015, the Eastern Partnership Minorities Network hosted its final Best Practice Seminar to share experiences and methodologies applied while delivering and facilitating local advocacy as well as the EaP information campaigns by minority activists and civil society organizations in the countries of EaP. The seminar was opened with the key […]

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