Roma From Ukraine: A Year of War and Flight

Over the past year since the commencement of the war, the situation for Ukrainian Roma, who already faced significant challenges during peacetime, has escalated into a catastrophe. The Russian invasion disrupted Ukraine’s fledgling support system for the Roma community, as state and private charitable foundations shifted their focus to address wartime needs. Consequently, thousands of Roma were forced to become refugees, encountering discrimination and social isolation in various European countries.

For those living in Eastern Ukraine and finding themselves in occupied territories soon after the war began, the only means of preserving their lives was to escape to Russia. However, upon reaching the border, they were subjected to the harrowing “filtration” process and compelled to live in refugee centers. Many individuals who saw Russia as a mere transit country encountered significant difficulties in leaving for European nations due to issues with their identity documents.

Read the full report here: (English, Russian, Ukrainian)

The image and the report are the property of the Anti-Discrimination Center Memorial

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