Best Practice Seminars

At the invite of local governments, Eastern Partnership Minorities Network  hosted several best practice seminars in EaP countries to discuss successful models for minority advocacy at the national and international level. For instance, the Georgian seminar under the auspices of the Public Defender’s Office, provided 25 participants with information on the role of Georgia’s Council of National Minorities as an example of best practice, as it recently published a report on Georgian implementation of Georgia’s tolerance and civic integration plan. Armenia’s seminar provided over 10 examples of best practice, including the Analytical Centre for Globalization and Regional Cooperation and it’s role as a think-tank that promotes minority rights advocacy. Agti Mirzoev discussed the importance of shadow reports from his experience as the executive director of Analytical Center for Interethnic Cooperation in Georgia. Organizations from Poland, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic also provided best practice models and their experiences in shadow reporting.

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